Commissioning Art

Special commissions and one of a kind artwork is our specialty and we enjoy this part of our work best! Once you know of an area in your home or office that you would like some sculpture, lighting, or other, it’s time to give us a call.

As a small design firm, you’ll get us, the owners, Michelle and Chris to discuss ideas and concepts with you.  These conversations will reflect your style and ideas coupled with our expertise and design aesthetic.

Chandeliers and wall art is determined on space. You can telephone or email us to talk through your ideas and we will come back to you with one or two suggestions.  If you’d like to move the project forward, then we’ll get together to meet.

Prices for our work is determined by your budget and the work designed.  We are equipped to work with a variety of budgets so don’t be intimidated on pricing, every project is fun for us.  Once we start the dialog, you’ll know just what our vision is and how to make the project move forward.

Our design fee is $450 that will be applied to the final project.  That fee includes drawings, sample pieces of glass, and measurement’s of the space for build out.  We’ll then determine the time line for the project.

It’s an organic process and you may have further questions, so will we – but we are very flexible and will work with your highest vision in mind.

If you are building a new home, remodeling, or expanding an area,   looking for a chandelier or two, landscaping your garden, or artwork for a specific nook,  now’s the time to start the commissioning process.

Email or telephone at anytime – we’d like to start a conversation!